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Meditation Center Vacation

Come for a week or two away from it all.
Depressions, Anxiety, Phobias disappear after 2-3 weeks camping with us.
No Chemicals, Hospitals nor big pharma treatments. When Depressed or having Anxieties, this is to learn and enjoy life again away from the stress of everyday life.

Stop Your Depression and start living again
You will Get one week of free parking at our RV park where you can meditate, exercise, enjoy the nature and other people who come here for meditation.
Positive mind, exercise and peaceful place may make your anxiety and depression go away. You need plenty of exercise, good diet and time free from everything you are involved right now. FREE YOURSELF.
Meditation Center Vacation - Depression and Anxiety Get Away Vacation - 1 Weeks - $170.00
40 Days in the Desert - Spiritual Retreat
Experience the life of Abraham, Jesus, Mohammad.
Come by yourself or with church members.

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Sometimes...You need to get away from everything...Do it right!
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