Desert Garden Oasis - Texas
Community of Gardens in Peace, Harmony & Nature.
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Designed by Ted Jec. in 2000. For Members of Artists 4 Humanity only.

Lease Agreement and forms

Thank you for purchasing your lease for your Garden at Gardens Oasis in Lobo Texas.
Please print all forms and Lease Agreement, fill all forms and lease Agreement with all required initials and signatures and send us one set by regular mail to
Jola LLC,
P.O. Box 248,
 Port Richey, FL 34673
and keep one copy for yourself.
Go to our map of Gardens Oasis at Lobo, Texas and Contact us what gardens you would like to lease. For quick reservation text your garden number to 727-945-3087.
Welcome to our community of Gardens Oasis in Lobo, Texas.

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