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Desert Gardens Oasis Rental Agreement

1 All residence of Desert Gardens Oasis have to be paid customers or members with current yearly membership with paid yearly camping fees. Members guests are welcome limited to one family or up to 6 people.

2 Yearly membership is $150.00 and volunteer yearly camping fee is $250.00

3 All members can choose one garden of 100x50 feet for their camping RV trailer,  tent or cabin.

4 Please leave 50 feet clear from each side of landing strip.

5 Front gate needs to be locked.

6 All members are free to use our hot (solar) shower and solar electricity for computers or phone chargers.

7 There are no utility charges as each member is required to keep its own camping site in clean order without any garbage and its own utility in safe manner.

8 Desert Gardens Oasis has no address and it was voted to keep it that way.

9 Volunteer camping fee requires each member to keep our oasis in clean, quiet and pleasant state where all members can enjoy it.

10 Quiet time is from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM

11 Every member is responsible for securing its own garden / camping site. Desert Gardens Oasis is not responsible for any loss or liability for your possessions, health or other liabilities associated with camping and being at Desert Gardens Oasis. You are free to purchase your own liability insurance.

12 Desert Gardens Oasis reserve the right for negotiations not court procedures in any event.

13 Please observe our policy and enjoy your camping.

14 If there are any problems please let the manager know by calling / texting to 727- 945-3087.

15 Payments are accepted by Pay Pal for orders1@biznet1.coml

16 There are no refunds.

17 No open carry of any firearms or weapons at Desert Gardens Oasis.

20 Our Mailing Address is:
Desert Gardens Oasis,
Artists For Humanity Inc. 
P.O. Box 1499,
Van Horn, TX 79855, USA
Happy Camping!

Ted Jec
Desert Gardens Oasis

Direction to Desert Gardens Oasis:
From Van Horn,  TX take 
Hwy 90 South to Lobo, TX (11 miles). 
Passed historical marker and take right on hwy 1523.
Drive for 8 miles (hwy will change to 2017 ) to Sanchez Rd and make a right.  From Sanchez Rd do not follow GPS but direction and signs on the road.
At crossroad (about 300 feet) take 45 degrees left and follow straight the road to signs at fence (1 mile at 90 curve).  Cross the fence and follow signs all the way to the gate. 
The gate code is provided after booking - please keep it close - cows can get in! 
You are free to park at any location on our 40 acres ranch including landing strip however fenced area is recommended. 
If you have any problems, text, call Ted at 727-945-3087
Enjoy your camping!

Company Policy was updated in June, 2019
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